CPM offers American-built
Dedicated morgue units with:
State-of-the-art refrigeration systems powered by diesel, electricity or both
Single-purpose units that eliminate
the need for makeshift solutions or
multi-purpose trailers that can
ultimately create public relations
disasters as well as health risks.
Exteriors can be custom fabricated to your exacting specifications to blend into any environment.
The founders of Custom Portable Morgues (CPM) have been involved in disaster response for more than a generation.
In that time, we have accumulated a wealth of understanding concerning the equipment that is needed under extreme
conditions. We founded CPM to fill the void we saw in the availability of sophisticated portable remains storage systems
dedicated exclusively to use in catastrophic situations.
Our units include the following features:
Ground level entrance/exit for easy in and out loading
Integrated lift system to help avoid injuries
Polymer shelving for easy loading
Easily transportable to disaster site and DPMU location


Please click the arrow and view our presentation for detailed 
information on our adjustable shelving, self propelled lift,
rolling racks, and other features.